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a passion for paint



I have immersed myself in the creative world for over 35 years. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Design, I moved into a career
in advertising and graphic design. But there was always a voice inside
that called for a deeper expression. Eventually I listened to that voice
and taught myself to paint. It is in this realm that I have found my truest expression. Although self-taught, I observe and learn through exploration and inspiring fellow painters, but primarily listen to that voice with a passion that carries me forward.


I have lived in the mid-west, the south and the west, currently living life
to its fullest in Denver, CO. Each place has infused its unique culture and environment into the person and artist I am today.


What propels me to paint? Cezanne says it best..."Emotion is the starting point, the beginning and the end." I have an equal appreciation for abstract and representational art, but in each finished canvas, I see the emotion felt while creating it. It’s a place to process life. And I passionately embrace the unique ability of an artist to put emotion into a visual context. For me, it is expressed through texture, color, pattern, beauty, playfulness and subject matter. While emotion drives the process, the inspiration for
each piece comes from my love of life, the outdoors and all that God
has created.


In creating art, there is a time when I enter into a stage of unknowing. Where immediate answers are intangible and I must rest in the silent darkness. Not sure where to go or even if any path will push me forward. This is a crucial period when creativity flourishes in the questioning more than the certainty, preparing me for a new depth of creativity. Each blank canvas holds the promise of a new journey, drawing me back to create again and again.

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