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garden lyrics

I am drawn to the outdoors for quiet, fresh air and the expansive view reminding me life is bigger than my little world. There I witness nature unveiling the beauty of life, always dying and renewing. Delicate, yet resolute. The Garden lyrics series is inspired by these experiences within nature and memories of childhood summers at the lake. I remember standing beneath the birch trees on the water’s edge, leaves wavering in the breeze as the water made its rhythmic lapping sound upon the shore and sunlight danced upon the water. It’s a memory that brings peace to my soul and inspires these works. Each canvas begins with the often frenetic and free movement of paint. Layers progress to reveal form, yet remain ambiguous. Show growth and decay. Random yet predictable movement. Form and mass juxtapose with the delicacy of line as I seek to find a rhythm that imbues an overall peacefulness.

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